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Hello, my name is Detlef Massorz.

You’ll constantly be fed new ideas intended to help you …

  • feel more comfortable both in normal everyday life and in special life situations,
  • feel empowered to do the things/make the decisions which are right for you.

Welcome to Go4QualityTime.

Episode GQT016

Friedemann Vogel while having a photo shooting with Pelé

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EGQT006 (Part 1) – German Football Ambassador 2017 – Interview with Horst Kriete

The title “German Football Ambassador 2017” is an extraordinary recognition and reward for the lifework of this outstanding character. Up to date Horst Kriete has represented the German football [...]

EGQT005 (Part 2) – Social Media Manager for Real Madrid and future moon walker! – Interview with Adam Bader

When having an aspiring astronaut and visionary in an interview, as Adam Bader, who has shown already in young age his extraordinary performance in many different exciting projects, then a second [...]

EGQT005 (Part 1) – Social Media Manager for Real Madrid and future moon walker! – Interview with Adam Bader

If you think life experience and finding the right attitude for your own path of life is just a matter of age? Then I may tell you the today´s interview partner Adam Bader is showing, that this [...]

EGQT004 – He turned his passion into his profession – Interview with German Arguelles

German Arguelles belongs to these lucky people, who wake up in the morning the majority of days and feel so much energy, that they want to RUN to work! And it has to be mentioned, that before he [...]

EGQT003 – It won´t work…, doesn´t work for him – Interview with Marcel Wainwright

Seldom did a title of a podcast episode describe the personality of an interview partner any better than the today´s one: „It wont work, doesn´t work for him!“ Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright is [...]

EGQT002 – Excellence in soccer: International soccer-themed adventures with an ex-professional – Interview with Billy Hartman

Billy Hartmann is living his dream! He is in passion with what he always wanted to do: Youth development in combination with soccer and travelling! Soccer always has been giving a lot to him! [...]

EGQT001 (Part 2) – Feeling at home everywhere on this globe with football – Interview with Ricardo Setyon

Be prepared for another audio-firework with Ricardo Setyon! Ricardo - world traveller and speaking 8 languages - has a lot more to share in today´s second part of his podcast interview. No [...]

Episode GQT015

David Kadel presenting his new road movie with Jürgen Klopp „And up front helps god“