Brief introduction of my today´s interview partner:

A football globetrotter as Horst Kriete, who has been working abroad in almost 40 years in over 50 countries has such a tremendous fund of experiences, that it would be a shame to cover this only in one episode.

What he has experienced in just a few years in Africa, even parts of it most people will not experience in their whole life. The way he has implemented and managed his football projects abroad under such conditions, where in many cases he had to start from the scratch, commands fully respect and can be seen as lessons for life, chapeau! Lessons for life, not only for him but also for others who are ready for listening his statements and are capable to understand the value of his lifework …

And during all his operations, a “copy & paste” of former projects was never his thing. His credo was always, that every single project had its own charm and he set value on the differentiation, that every project had its own properties, its own character. It never made for him sense to copy a course from Germany 1:1 to one of his destinations.

Even though the way he is used to build up team spirit in his environment sounds so easy, it is still so difficult for many people to put it into operation. Simple principles of leadership, so far away for so many …

But this helped him diving into the country and always feeling at home already after a short time period! Everywhere he stayed abroad, he is still today welcome anytime again and again, another nice attribute of this wonderful character!


Profile interview partner

Name: Horst Kriete

Age: 72

Place of birth: Osterkappeln, Germany

Residence: Lotte, Germany

Marital status: Married

Children: 2 (35 and 30 years old)

Professional education: Master studies in physical education and sciences and geography

Current Profession: Football consultant and technical advisor for different federations and associations

Interests, hobbies: Travelling, meeting people all over the world, reading, football

„Be patient and understanding, life is too short for being malicious

(Horst Kriete)

No-no“ that he is unwilling to tolerate at all: There are no absolute no-nos, it depends on the situation


Interview content part 2

Just get in and listen part 2 of this sympathetic football Globetrotter!

In part 2 of this interview (29:18 min.) you will hear amongst others about …

  • his secret to overcome jetlag
  • why Nelson Mandela was the person, who impressed him most in his life
  • what he considers as his biggest challenges working abroad in his different projects
  • an African ritual, which led to serious trouble during a football game
  • how he steadily grew with his tasks
  • which parallels he sees between sports and a “normal” profession
  • how he strengthens team spirit in his teams resp. environment
  • his principles of leadership
  • how he has been avoiding stress
  • what he recommends to people, when they aim for working abroad
  • what quality of life means to him
  • which wishes he has for the future


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