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Just another podcaster?

I admit, podcasts have now become run of the mill! So why should my podcast be the one you regularly listen to?

It’s very simple: I want to take you on fascinating, exciting journeys, and introduce you to special people who really do have something to say.

I want you to be part of exceptional performances, touching moments and brave decisions.

In other words: I want to entertain you, amaze you, thrill you, move you, inspire you, open up new perspectives for you, and generate new ideas and sources of stimulation for you – in each one of my podcasts!

What’s happening here?

Bi-weekly, exciting personalities veering way off the mainstream will be interviewed here in English. Real characters with rough edges, who have “done their thing” (and are often still doing it) through the highs and lows.

These interviews will revolve around questions on topics such as

  • Life stories
  • Football/sport
  • International encounters
  • Life balance

What can you look forward to?

  • Podcasts with a good mix of information and entertainment, charm and fun – narrated in an exciting manner, prepared well, and enriching for anyone wanting to think outside the box.
  • A variety of deep questions on particular life situations and events, inviting opportunities for self-reflection based on the motto of “Listening – filtering – adapting”.
  • Sharing beautiful and special moments with unique people.

“Listening is an art in itself. When we listen with a silent, concentrated mind, we can actually receive what the words are saying. Deep insights sometimes appear unexpectedly.”

Joseph Goldstein

Episode GQT004

Alhassane Balde

About me

Facts & figures

Name: Detlef Massorz

Year of birth: 1964

Tertiary studies/Degree Electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen University

Professional career: Held various managerial roles within a major international group over the last 17 years

Notable facts: Lived and worked in Sao Paulo, Brazil for two years

Sporting highlights:

  • German university football champion with RWTH Aachen (1987 and 1989)
  • World Cup runner-up with RWTH Aachen in Las Cruces, New Mexico (1990)

Interests/Hobbies: Football, travelling, meeting and talking with interesting people

Life motto: Treat others the way you would like to be treated!

An absolute no-no: Taking credit for the achievements of others!




Detlef Massorz

Second Get-Together „Go 4 Quality Time“


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What drives me: Insights, views & visions


I first left Europe and travelled to the USA in my early 20s. When the plane took off from Frankfurt, I had no idea it was going to be the start of something so huge! I have been enjoying travelling the world, both for work and pleasure, ever since. I have encountered – and learned to appreciate –  an incredible amount of interesting people and cultures over the years, feel at home in many corners of the globe, and still enjoy building and cultivating my own international network.

A passion for football

Football has played a very special role here, because, as a passionate footballer myself, I have constantly witnessed the extent to which this sport fascinates, inspires and, most importantly, unites people of the most different cultures, nations and religions!

Meetings and encounters

The combination of travelling, an international network and a passion for football constantly draws me to unique people on the same wavelength as me, with whom I can have fun discussions. And no matter where I am or whom I’m talking to, I am increasingly finding that, in this day and age, more and more of us appreciate and even officially search for opportunities to be able to talk with likeminded people about our own wellbeing and the challenges currently faced by our society! These sorts of dialogues, namely, not only create wonderful moments, but also new perspectives, and often also new insights.

Food for thought

In my podcasts, I want to tell you about encounters with special people, intense discussions on various issues opening up new perspectives, providing new inspiration and generating new food for thought, and, last but not least, some simply wonderful moments to add more “quality time” to your everyday personal and professional lives!

How exactly does it work? Have a listen to my first podcast here!

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