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2017 Get-Together G4QT-Interviewees


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Beginning of this year it happened for the second time a get-together among my interviewees. This event had again a rewarding character for all participants through a combination of profound discussions and lots of fun! Once again it was just TERRIFIC!!!

The following transcribed impressions of the video shall give a feeling for the positive mood and the quality of exchanges of this evening. Simply take your time and stop at the one or other statement, reflect and get inspired where it should fit for you.


Motto: Listen – Filter – Adapt!


Foreword Detlef Massorz: 

“When real characters and great achievers come together and share their own individual life stories, it creates an excellent forum for gaining interesting insights and new perceptions. And in combination with the sport of soccer it makes for a very entertaining and fun environment.”


GQT002 – Dr. Bernd Geropp

Entrepreneur-coach and leadership-expert:

“So, my name is Bernd Geropp. What I find really great about Detlef and his Go 4 Quality Time is that he brings together very different kinds of people. And that works great because the people have something in common somewhere. I mean, you get into very deep and meaningful conversations with everyone and that’s loads of fun and gives you whole new ideas, incentives. I was and will also continue to be very enthusiastic about being here. I just want express my heartfelt thanks to Detlef for holding this event for the second time now. That’s just great, really fantastic.”

“For me, the main thing I’ll take away from it is the different ways of thinking that are based on the fact that people have different experiences. But some things are still very similar. Values that people try to live up to, where you also come to an agreement on them directly and exchange ideas. I think the interesting thing is this exchange. So they are all very special people who are going or have gone their own way and talking about it means an awful lot.”


GQT003 – Kai Michalke

Ex-pro, today player-agent:

“This is the second time I’ve been to the Come together and I have to say that it is really a great event! You always meet interesting people with different life stories, different situations that they’ve gone through. And you just like to listen to them. Okay, somewhere along the line, football unites people, yes, and of course some contacts were made at the last meeting and then it’s nice if you also meet up again. But also getting to know new people and yes, I can only say that it’s really nice to always hear new stories. It inspires you yourself and you can tell just that there’s a huge amount of life experience among the participants. And you can definitely learn something from them.”

“A meeting among friends, I would say.”


GQT012 – Gerd Kehrberg

Managing shareholder of the company „Team 20A“:

“Yes, the beauty of the group is simply that there are no barriers here. So, you get the feeling you have known each other for a very, very long time. It also has to be said, of course, there were I think 12 or 13 of us, that if you have a bit more of an intense discussion in the limited time available, you also don’t get to talk to everyone. But ultimately, the atmosphere here is such that you get the feeling you have already known the people for some time. And the older you get and the more experience you have in business – you don’t always also have pleasant conversations with the right kind of people – the thing is that you also want to talk to and be with people with whom you also have an emotional connection in your free time, in the little free time you might have. Where you say, oh, this is pleasant, it’s nice to talk to you. This is interesting. This is entertaining. And that’s what I found here tonight.”

“Yes, if I look round the group, we also have extroverted types, who are also eloquent, but who also really have something to talk about. And moreover, the stories are all interesting. So I’m not the type of person who likes to read books or other things. What I always really, really like to read are biographies. I find them hugely interesting and here there are just such hugely interesting biographies. You also have to keep yourself in check a bit, so that if you’re someone who also likes to talk a lot, that you also take the time to listen. Although it’s very easy because everything you hear is interesting.”

“So I believe that you can’t plan this regularity. Because the people who are here, they also stand out for the fact that they have their own minds. They are of course all sociable, no question about it, but I’m pretty sure that if this event got boring, then you wouldn’t be able to tell such stories any more either. I’m sure no one would say, that’s it, I’m not up for this anymore, it’s too boring for me, but rather there would be some kind of excuses. That is, holding this event again clearly depends on people feeling at ease here and, as I just said, on them getting an emotional benefit from this discussion, these discussions. Or perhaps even more than that on them also saying, “I could also imagine, because our trade is similar and I have a project where I think I could contact this person, we could do something together too.” When these two things come together, then the event will also happen regularly. And what of course Detlef does very very well…, characters. He manages first of all to interview characters, as well as to bring characters here. But at the end of the day, there still isn’t enough time to have discussions with everyone. And next year maybe you’ll have the chance to talk more in depth with people with whom the time was just too short today. Because it doesn’t make any sense to do discussion-hopping here, but if you get into it with someone, then you also talk to them longer. And so an evening like that, which can be quite long, is then still too short. “


GQT014 – Roland Bischof

Agency owner for marketing, sponsoring, testimonials, communication, advertisement:

“So I’m here for the second time. The first time was fantastic, which was the best reason to come back. I also travelled especially from Berlin, because it’s just really valuable. It’s great fun and I think the most important thing is just the characters, the personalities, the types of people who are here. Once again we had amazing conversations and immediately after the interview we will continue to have nice conversations. No, it’s a great fit and it’s very, very valuable, it’s just high quality. So it’s great fun to come.”

“There are real characters, real personalities, and ultimately they can hold themselves back. Although they may be dominant in the roles they have otherwise. But the more of them there are here in one place, it’s really just fun and super interesting and everyone also has something interesting to tell. But I also believe everyone holds themselves back reasonably. So, the evening is just too short, as always.”

“Exciting stories, great characters, and I have to say, if I look from last year to this year – so I have been in contact with several people over the year – we have initiated two projects. Everything started here and that is actually the best thing. I think that says it all actually.”


EQT003 – Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright

Owner of the Mirala Clinic, dentist, implantologist, scientist expert for oral surgery, biological dentistry and esthetic dentistry:

Yes, so my name is Marcel Wainwright and I actually slipped in here through a mutual friend. And that’s Dirk Sistenich. And Dirk Sistenich said Marcel, you have a super interesting career, I think it would be good for you to meet Detlef Massorz. And so in principle I came with him to this platform and this meeting tonight, so I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time, it’s incredibly valuable for me. Because I’ve gotten to know very, very interesting people, who had incredibly exciting, witty, funny, great stories to tell, and was able to experience a very lively exchange tonight. This is simply a great event and a huge asset, I cannot say otherwise.”

“What I’ll take away from a meeting like this is that such an interesting exchange with people’s incredibly interesting careers is a huge motivation for me, to inspire, to initiate other things again. It’s also fun to witness very different approaches. Where motivating things just play a role. Where I can always pick out something for me. That’s what I’ll be taking away with me from an evening like this. Regardless of that, it was simply insanely fun to chat with nice people in this lovely, casual, extremely unconventional, and very relaxed atmosphere.”


GQT021 – Maik Pfingsten


“My name is Maik Pfingsten, I’ve been saving projects as a trouble-shooter, a freelance engineer, for more than ten years, especially in automotive development. In this time I’ve experimented a lot with entrepreneurship and set up seven companies to date. I’ve gained a lot of experience, as well as learned a lot the hard way during this time. Today I am mainly on the go as a mentor, as a speaker, as an investor, and pass on all my experience.”

“Something that is important to me and I’ve already paid a lot of attention to over the years is precisely the issue of time-exchange-quality. That is, I always deliberately keep in mind that we all have a common currency as people. When we are born, each of us has a treasure chest of time and we can all exchange it. None of us knows how big this treasure chest is, for me it’s been 42 years so far, and I look to see whether from my point of view, I can get a better quality in this exchange. And that’s something I can really emphasise today. All these conversations, these people, I didn’t know a single one except Detlef, who organised all this. So I thought, okay, what can I expect. And I have to say, thus far I have experienced an extremely high quality of exchange. Incredibly valuable discussions, incredibly exciting information and contacts.”


GQT007 – Ralf Metzenmacher

Former chief-designer Puma, today artist in „retro-art“:

“I am Ralf Metzenmacher and I have known Detlef for over 30 years. We had always played football against each other as opponents and then later I worked at a very reputable sporting goods company and course Detlef found out this news and Alemania was under contract with Puma for years. And then we basically got talking again at the 50th birthday of a teammate of mine, who played for Borussia Brand. And we basically got talking there and I asked, “Det, what are you actually doing now?” And then Detlef told me about his project with GO 4 QUALITY TIME. Then I thought, that’s a really, really great approach, because it is precisely in today’s world that these things sink into the mainstream and no one really puts the effort in to look deeper and to think more long-term. And so I thought, I absolutely have to be there. And then Det came up to me and asked if he could do an interview. And I said, sure, I’d be happy to.”

“That was really great. There is a basic openness, I think. So to speak, through this combination of interviews in advance, you know approximately what direction which people are coming from. From industry, from sport, from culture. And that’s very rewarding. And I think there is a lot of harmony through this diversity, namely because you can exchange ideas really well and there are always well thought-out discussions on certain questions. And that’s fantastic. And the people here are really, really great and open and very nice. There is a lot of laughter, but also a lot of deep and meaningful discussions. So it’s a fantastic format.”


GQT024 – Steven P. Carnarius

Photographer and designer:

“When a guy like that comes running over, then you have a look in.”

“I am Steven Carnarius, a designer and photographer from Bamberg. In 2015, so the year before last, Detlef asked me to do an interview about my life and my profession. About my career, basically. I went to the get-together last year as well and now I’m here again.”

“First of all, I like Detlef’s format, the interviews, the interviewees. And I myself have also already put interviewees in touch because I also believe in what Detlef is doing. It was Micaela Schäfer, to whom I suggested, come on, do it too. And I like the prevailing mood of meeting new people and of course you also know a little something about their history if you listen to the podcast. And they are just interesting people. So I’ve already said in the interview, I don’t even know why I’m here at all. Steven is saying this with a big smile on his face… But I find everyone else super interesting, except myself. And then to meet them as well and do it in a really relaxed atmosphere, to notice, ah, he’s likeable, I like him, and then to have a conversation on the podcast as well or beyond what you already know, I just find that terrific. It’s worth the long journey every time, you could also say that it’s like missing a New Year’s reception in the capital just to be here.”

“So I don’t really want to talk about the impressions now, maybe someone else can say that. I would say, I will take the people with me in some way. So those with whom I had flow somehow or had contact and a conversation with. I find that very inspiring, where I might also say, man, I might even call him next week. To look for someone I can do something with or whatever. For me this is, I think, this networking as well, that’s also behind it. Which is also carried out here really well.”

“For me it’s not even about the job. This is of course like a Plan B or extra bonus points. For me it’s more about the personal side. To say, hey, THAT guy – I mean, those are really interesting people – oh brilliant. And if you meet them and can also do something together somehow, then I think it’s really good when I’m at home and think about it.”

“This whole atmosphere is harmonious for me because I find this diversity interesting. Different players, different people. Each has their own career and I think that’s amazing. To experience the different people in one evening and almost like going through the pub door and saying, you really got to know different – how can I put it – players and people and life stories. I find that wonderful, in a relaxed atmosphere.”


GQT015 – David Kadel

TV-moderator, author, cabaret artiste, inspiration-coach, filmmaker…: 

So, David Kadel. I’m here through Deddie, the Connection Man, the Networker.

I have rarely met anyone with such a brilliant knack for bringing the right people together. Which is really not so easy in one room. And you can hear laughter round every corner. I actually met Detlef through the football connection here in Aachen.”

“I had already played before, although I don’t know if you can call it playing football on the TSV Gaildorf youth team in Schwäbisch Hall.”

“So I just said to Gert Engels, who has worked in Japan for 21 years – he told anecdotes for about 40 years – we laughed so much that I spontaneously said to him, I’ve now refilled my laughter reservoir, which was relatively empty, because in Germany we are going through such a period of angry citizens, German Angst. You feel like we have problems at every turn. I don’t see them, but that’s how everyone acts. So, and I have laughed so much here. That’s what I’ll take with me, when my reservoir is full again. Because it was actually laughing at a high stage. So no anecdotal stories that might be a bit tasteless, like you hear so often. People send each other videos and so on. Haha, funny. So many brilliant personalities who have something to talk about from the world between business and football, it makes me think, what awesome characters. How does Detlef do it? How did you find them all, boy. Right, lads, really good. “


GQT010 – Gert Engels

Former coach in the J-league and from Mozambique, today owner of an international soccer school:

“Gert Engels from Düren, right near here. Yes, Detlef Massorz is an old friend, old sports buddy, old football buddy, and he’s been doing this podcast for some time now and I was one of the people he interviewed. I was surprised at the beginning, how he got into it, because in and of himself he has a very different job. But the thing is really quite interesting. He has also interviewed a series of friends and acquaintances of mine before and after me. I wasn’t here last time, it is now the second event, and today I had the opportunity to be here and have to say, I had a whale of a time, cried with laughter, first time in ages. I didn’t know that many people here today. But it was also nice to meet new people and to be on the same wavelength. Detlef somehow brought us together at this level. And that was really exciting and interesting. It was a lovely evening. And will carry on being one, I think.”

“Yes, you’re on the go so much in your line of work, I think was important to get to know a couple of new people from different professions and then transfer people’s experiences back to your job or life. That was very interesting. I told a bit about me, about my experience abroad, and have found out very exciting things from other people, from their lives. And that was really interesting. I am a football coach and in that line of work you tend to be a bit of a blinkered specialist, very focused on your job. I’ve also heard a whole series of other things that I can however perhaps connect with football again. And that was the exciting part of the evening, yes.”


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