What is the motivation behind “GO 4 QUALITY TIME”?

160306_Artwork überarbeitet446x444In short about my person: My name is Detlef Massorz, I have been enjoying travelling the world, both for work and pleasure. I have encountered – and learned to appreciate –  an incredible amount of interesting people and cultures over the years, feel at home in many corners of the globe, and still enjoy building and cultivating my own international network. And on top of that I am a passionate footballer, who owes this sports really aplenty! Football has given sooo much to me!

Travelling, international networking and football – this combination means already a lot of power to me, or in other words pure quality of life!

For me personally, this combination represents a very special and important factor for my own well feeling, my own „Quality Time“. Cause it´s prompting me being open minded again and again for new encounters and it´s surrounding myself with special people, with whom it is a pleasure to go after mindset exchanges! Such mindset exchanges are leading again and again to new insights and fantastic moments.

And that´s what I want to share with you here!

Additionally I want to inspire you with my interview partners to adapt the one or the other life experience to your own life situation(s). So that you reflect on, …

  • if and how you could transfer this experience to your life balance related to job and pleasure?
  • what you may utilize out of it for an enhancement of your own quality of life?
  • how e.g. define other people sucess and happiness and how do you do this for yourself?
  • how handle other people stress situations?
  • or which event or experience has brought a special benefit to anybody else and, in case, how you might transfer this to yourself?

… just to name a few examples!

And to point this out: I´m talking here about people, who are really exciting personalities veering way off the mainstream, real characters with rough edges, who have “done their thing” through the highs and lows! Characters,  far away from any mainstream career planning, who made their thing despite all resistances and allthough others may have smiled at them at the beginning.

Thus, in short, people with an interesting vita! But especially also people, who stand for values!

Listen – Filter – Adapt, these are here the keywords for the implementation!

We simply want to inspire you for a „convenient“ broadening of your horizon and – paired with a comfortable feeling – to give you food for thought, in order to enhance your quality of life.

Just listen and come to know…

  • how we produce such food for thought
  • why football is not only on the sports field of an important meaning
  • which international impressions have shaped myself so far
  • which special event respectively which special person has left why a permanent impression on me
  • and which conclusions I have drawn out of it for myself

Summarized, the goal of this podcast is: Sharing different views and experiences from exciting characters and of great moments, in order to deliver food for thought, which shall result in an enhancement of your quality of life respectively your own QUALITY TIME!

A cordial welcome and much pleasure while listening to this podcast!


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