Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright (EGQT003)

The "flying" professor (specialist for biological dentistry, implantology, ultrasonic surgery), always at the limit, both privately and professionally!

Prof. Dr. Stephan Kaussen (GQT005)

Sports journalist and time-travelling social analyst!

Gert Engels (GQT010)

Trainer in the J-League and German Football Ambassador 2018!

Roland Bischof (centre, GQT014)

Initiator, German football ambassador and international sports & business expert!

Dr. Bernd Geropp (GQT002)

Manager coach, in Germany no.1 podcaster and youtuber with regard to leadership!


A platform for real movers and shakers – we don’t think in terms of quarterly statements, but more in terms of life values, and this across generations!

* (E)GQT0XX: Stands for the number of the podcast episode of this interview partner. Click here for the Podcast.

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    Are you …:

    • an entrepreneur or do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

    • a football fan and/ or interested in golf?

    • distinguished by human greatness and value-orientation?

    • internationally oriented?

    • comfortable communicating in English?

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    Costs of membership: 1,600 EUR per year incl. VAT

    (PLEASE NOTE: Golf event is not included in the price!)

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