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“G4QT”-break extended until July 2017!


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Aachen, March 2017

Dear G4QT listener, actually I was planning to continue with new podcast episodes beginning of this March. Unfortunately for the time being I´m not able to keep up the usual quality and continuity of my podcast series, since I will have to change my priorities a bit for the next couple of months. Honestly speaking, I regret this really very much, because the regular exchanges in the course of these interviews means also to myself an incredibly valuable enrichment! But don´t worry, this will be only temporarily and I may promise you, that a great many of further exciting characters is already in the pipeline!!! Latest in July I want to continue.

Wish you all a great start into the week with lots of QUALITY TIME.

Take care and with best wishes from Aachen! 🙂


Aachen, December 2016

“G4QT” takes a break with its English episodes until February/ March! With new inspirations and further fantastic interview partner we will continue soon again! Until then, have a good start into 2017 with plenty of QUALITY TIME!!! 🙂


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